Synthesis Rivers2Morrow

The report describes the policy related to maintenance of the major rivers in the Netherlands and the contribution to tht of River2Morrow. Rivers2Morrow is a researc programme, financed by RWS and DGWB, in which RWS cooperates with universities and Deltares.

Datum rapport
1 juni 2020
Brinke, W. ten, Schwandt, K
W. ten Brinke ; Blueland Consultancy; In collaboration with Karin Schwandt ; Schwandt Infographics
Blueland Consultancy.
35 p.
Syntheses of research related to operations and maintenance, and policy prepared by W. ten Brinke (Blueland Consultancy), under the supervision of M. Boersema and R. Schielen (Rijkswaterstaat), and D. Kootstra (Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management)
With ref.
Report B20.01
As Annex, a pdf with three infographics has been added. These infographics describe (1) Questions from policy and management, and research focus, (2) The system: the interaction between waterflow, sediment transport, and morphology and (3) Contribution of Rivers2Morrow to policy questions